What Are the Color Options of Powder Coating?

If you have considered working with a powder coating (aka powder paint), the one inevitable question awaits: What are the powder coating colors?

The big allure of powder coating paint colors is that once the application equipment is secured, you will be able to paint any metal object (and some glass ones) any color you want. That also includes options for gloss and texture too.

Powder Coating?

You have heard of it, and you have even seen some of the finished products. Impressive right? If anything, that only piqued your curiosity, but it likely did little to explain what powder coating is exactly.

How Power Coating Works

Powder coating is applied using a specialized application gun. Power coating colors come as a dry, fine powder. The gun disperses that powder as a fog. Like most painting application guns, a powder coating gun is powered via air compression.

The area or part being painted is attached by a wire and clip setup to a negative charge. The wire and clip setup is also attached to the gun. Additionally, the gun itself is also connected to a positive charge. When the paint is applied, the now positively charged fog-like powder coating is attracted to and uniformly covers the object being painted.

Finishing the Job

Powder coating is chemically bonded to the surface during heating. To do that, the freshly painted part is then heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit using infrared heating lamps.

The heating/bonding process will result in the part slowly changing from a dull and flat color to its finished smooth sheen. While many choose powder coating for the professional and finished look of the process, others cite its durability.

Another benefit of powder coating is the strength afforded it through the chemical bonding process. The heating process takes roughly ten minutes from start to finish.

Powder Coating and More

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