What Is a Plate Roller?

Understanding the different types of equipment used during fabrication can help you make the best equipment choices for your operation. One important type of fabrication equipment is the plate roller. This quick guide will provide you with information on this tool and how it can benefit your fabrication projects. Let’s look at how is a plate roller used.¬†

What Is a Plate Roller?

A plate roller is an essential type of fabrication equipment that is used to roll sections of metal out into other shapes. It can be used to roll metal into round or conical shapes. This process often goes by other names. It may be called plate rolling, roll bending, or plate bending.

A plate roller may use multiple rollers to reshape pieces of metal. These pieces can be shaped into curves, arcs, and even cones. This equipment is often used to fabricate the rounded parts of oil and gas rigs, tunnel supports, pressure vessels, and many other things.

When Would I Need a Plate Roller?

When a project calls for a curved piece of metal, the plate roller can be used. First, a machine will be used with four roll benders. These will pinch the metal between two of the rolls. This will curve the metal as it comes in contact with another roller. This process processes the metal into a cylindrical form.

After this, it is welded together to make a cylinder. With the upper roll in a fixed position, the lower roll can be adjusted to make the desired angle and right curvature you are seeking.

Rolls are known as pinch rolls, forming rolls, and adjustable rolls depending on the type of job they are performing during the process. This process can be used to create very exact shapes that are needed for specialized projects.

Can a Roller Make Metal Cones?

Yes, the roller plate can be used to create metal cones for specialized jobs. To make a cone, the plate will need to be cut to the exact size before being bent. A sheet metal cone is formed by pre-cutting a flat piece of metal that has the correct inner and outer radius. This enables you to create the cone shape you want.

If you already have plans for your project created by an engineer and there will be the need for curved, round, or cone-shaped metal pieces, the plate roller will be a useful piece of equipment to complete your project.