What Is Powder Coating?

Taking care of your car or other items is a must. A powder coating is a great way to help protect your car, your truck, the toolbox and more. Knowing what a powder coating is and how it works can help you determine if it is right for you, or if there are other options that might work better.

What is Power Coating?

Powder coating is a protective coating that goes on as a liquid and sets and hardens to protect surfaces from rust, scratches, dings and more. A powder coating can be put on nearly anything that you want and that you want to protect. A powder coating is traditionally used on the beds of trucks or other hauling vehicles and also on the underside of vehicles to protect them from road dirt and other potentially harmful issues.

Powder coatings work to help protect the surface that it is being applied to. This coating works much like a bed liner might work if you are hauling things, if you have things that might scratch the surface, or if you want to protect it from the elements. This type of coating is permanent until it is removed, it is not something you can remove on your own.

You do have to have this removed by the company that puts it on or a professional company that is going to be able to use the right solvents to remove it fully and properly.

How Does Power Coating Work?

The first step is for the item or the vehicle that is going to be coated to be cleaned thoroughly. This is to help remove any dirt or grime that might be present and to ensure that the coating is going to stick to the surface. The surface then has to be roughed up or lightly sanded so that the coating will stick. A powder coating works first when the technician is going to mix the powder with the liquid base. It is then added to the sprayer.

The technician will then spray thin, even coats of the powder coating to the surface that is being coated, taking time to ensure that the coating is even and that all parts of the surface are going to be coated. This is going to help ensure that there are no spots that are left uncovered and that all the area will be fully protected.