What Is The Spot Welding Process?

Welding is an essential profession and it can help make things that might otherwise be thrown away, usable again. There are so many different types of welding, and spot welding is one of them. Knowing what spot welding is and how it works can help you determine if it is right for your project.

What Is the Spot Welding Process?

Spot welding is a process where a small weld is made in the particular spot that is needed rather than being a seam weld or a larger weld. This is often used to help you close up holes, to make small patches, and to weld small pieces to one another. The process starts with the cleaning of the metal and the electrode tongs. This is going to ensure that the weld adheres properly.

You then need to clamp the two pieces of metal together that are going to be welded. You need to ensure that you have proper eye protection and hand protection as well. You then need to position the metal between the electrodes of your spot welder. You then clamp it down, and it spot welds the metal to itself.

How Does the Spot Welding Process Work?

This process is often done with something called a spot welder. It is not the same thing as a larger, mig welder that is going to be able to handle larger welding processes. This spot welder will make a very small, very concentrated weld that is going to affix the metal. The process works to heat up and fix the metal in one particular spot.

The direct heat is concentrated to give the person more control. Spot welding is often used with very thin metal, with wire mesh, and with wire rather than thick sheeting. It can be used to weld things like buckets, metal sheet goods, and anything that has a very thin metal and that might not be able to support the larger or more intense weld.

Spot welding is also often faster than other welds, and it does cool down quicker and solidify faster. This is a great option if a traditional weld does not work and if a traditional weld will not hold what you are welding. Spot welding is something that you are not going to be able to learn without some practice and without some work to ensure that you are able to do it correctly.