What Is the Procedure for Fabricating Aluminum products?

When we interact with new customers at Escofab Inc., we frequently get questions about the aluminum fabrication process. It is something that people are interested in but that the public doesn’t necessarily know much about. We are interested in answering some of the questions that customers come to us with.

Common Aluminum Forming Processes

The need to form aluminum is something that businesses have had to concern themselves with for a long time. They need to use aluminum in the various products that they make for customers, and this means that they need that aluminum to be formed to be as useful as possible for their customers. Therefore, they look to common aluminum forming processes to help ensure that they have aluminum processed exactly the way they need it to be processed.

Aluminum Extrusion

The process of aluminum extrusion involves pushing aluminum through a die to help get the cross-sectional results that one anticipates needing for their projects.

Aluminum Casting

For projects that require aluminum to be cut into complex shapes, there is no better way to make it happen than to use aluminum casting for the desired results. This is a great way to get those complex shapes and ensure that you have the kind of results that you need from the aluminum you purchase. If the project you are working on calls for specific and complex shapes to be formed, then you might need to go with the aluminum casting process to get the kind of complex shapes needed for that specific industrial process.

Rolling Aluminum

There are times when rolling aluminum is necessary to shape it into a specific size that can be used to make it work for your projects. Rolling aluminum can reduce its size to make it more useful for the purposes that it is intended for.

You need to make sure you look at what size aluminum you need for your project to decide if rolling aluminum might make sense for your specific needs at the moment.

Forging Aluminum

You can also look at forging aluminum if you feel that this is something that might be necessary to press your aluminum into the right shape. Some companies and individuals have aluminum forged because they know that they need to have it run specifically through a process that they can control, and the only way that they get to that point is by working with the materials that they need in the shapes that they require. Thus, the forging process is extremely important to everyone who might need to get aluminum pressed into the shape they require.

Think carefully about all the options available to you regarding getting aluminum shaped into the exact form you require. If you look at this carefully, it will start to become much clearer that you need to take these different processes seriously and figure out which one works for you.